Where to apply for entry permits or visas?

You can apply for entry permits or visas through the website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the eChannel for residency and citizenship. Or, you can apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) of the individual emirate. While ICA offers only online channels, GDRFA offers both: online and offline channels.

Apply online for UAE visa

These are the online channels for applying for entry permits:


The eChannels portal

Through the eChannels portal, individuals and companies registered in the UAE can apply for a new visa or visa renewal. In order to apply, individuals and companies must first register themselves. Note that eVisa can be used at entry port in the UAE without the need to put the original visa in the entry port before the arrival of the sponsored.


The website of GDRFA

You can apply online for a visa through the websites of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) ] Dubai.

GDRFA of Dubai provides one more website Amer.ae, through which Dubai nationals and residents can apply for entry permit and residence visa for their families. Visitors can apply for extension of visas on arrival.


Mobile apps

You can apply for UAE entry permit and residence visa through:

For more information, please contact:

Business golden visa platform

Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security launched an electronic platform for applying for business visa, which is a part of the Golden Visa system. Professionals with entrepreneurial experience from around the world are eligible to apply for the business visa to set up their own businesses in the UAE.

Applicants can submit official documents of their projects through the website for obtaining the golden visa. Government entities concerned can review the applications and attachments to ensure they fulfil the conditions required.


Service steps

An image showing service steps of business golden visa

Offline channels

Typing centres

Offline visa application can be done through licensed typing centres where visa application is typed and processed through the GDRFA of the respective emirate. Upon approval, the sponsor will receive a message about the approval and the original entry permit.


Amer centres

Dubai Government stipulates that all entry permit and visa transactions must be carried out through its Amer centres. Locate Amer centres in Dubai.