Dos and don’ts:

Take photographs but not photographs of local women and official and
military buildings.
Wear bikinis and swimwear at beaches and pools but not in the streets and malls.
Keep your money, passport, and important documents safe at all times.
Drive if you have an international driving license.
Locate the embassy of your country and information about it for emergencies.
Respect the ladies’ section, including toilets.
Respect Islam, the ruling family, and the traditions.
Face the person talking to you.
Use your right hand to greet someone, take, give, or accept something.
Enjoy tourist facilities and have a great time.

Drink alcohol unless you’re at a club or if you have a license.
Take in drugs because they are strictly forbidden.
Swim topless if you are a woman.
Wear short shorts, dresses, skirts, or any type of clothing that
reveals much cleavage.
Kiss, hug or hold someone’s hand.
Sit on someone’s lap.
Stare at people or point the sole of your shoe to someone’s face for they are considered rude.
Touch a Qur’an if you are not Muslim.