Information and services

The UAE Strategy for Government ServicesUnified Digital Platform Policy and Digital Customer and Digital Government Service Policy are all a part of the UAE Government’s efforts to provide advanced digital services, accessible from anywhere and at any time.


The Government engages community members in designing services; in a bid to develop proactive individual services that will meet their needs. Read how the UAE co-creates public services.


Service statistics

The UAE provides more than 6,000 federal and local digital services. At the federal level, there are 2,635 federal digital services. They can be classified as follows:

  • 2,126 transactional digital services
  • 180 informational services
  • 110 commercial services
  • 134 social services
  • 85 seizural (189 of these are priority services).


Below are the most used eServices for the year 2020:


Features of the eServices

The eServices have a number of features including the ability to upload your documents, save your request and submit at a later date and get electronically signed documents and forms.


Services topics on the homepage are ordered as per most used. Moreover, they are dynamic and personalised. They change based on the daily usage of services and reflects the user behavior/preference. Learn  how to use government eServices through this guide.


Services are accessible to people of determination. Read about live support about public services for people of determination.


UAE Pass

In order to use some of these eServices, you must have an account on UAE PASS. Learn how to register on UAE PASS.

By registering on UAE Pass, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • having a digital trusted identity
  • being able to sign in to all government websites and services through a single mobile–based login
  • being able to sign documents digitally
  • being able to store and share digital documents
  • being able to update your profile information
  • being able to update your address records
  • customised services.