The UAE has many glitzy shopping malls. There are many shopping festivals around the year. You can buy apparels, accessories, gold, electronics, carpets, spices and dry fruits.

Where to shop in the UAE?

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Ideal shopping destination

The UAE has many glitzy shopping malls, modest shopping districts and classic traditional markets (souks in Arabic). Each has its own charm, character and specialty.

Shopping malls in the UAE are huge and offer a variety of excellent facilities. They commonly house entertainment, recreation and dining venues and essential services’ shops. The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai is the world’s largest shopping, leisure and entertainment destination.

The traditional open-air marketplaces in the UAE offer an array of goods and products from around the world. Some of the country’s best-known souks include:

What to shop in the UAE?

Shoppers from all over the world arrive into the UAE to shop for a variety of items ranging from apparels, accessories and gold to electronics, carpets, spices and dry fruits. Traditional handicrafts and perfumes are widely sought after.

The UAE market is abundant with local and international brands. Wide variety, bargain deals and competitive prices make shopping a fun experience.

Shopping festivals

Shopping festivals around the year distinguish the shopping experience in the UAE. Discounts and bargains are an important feature of these festivals. The festival runs all over the emirates and almost all malls and stores participate in it by offering deals. Global Village is a venue, a destination for family entertainment. It offers facilities and options for shopping, dining, recreation and amusement. It is open from November to April every year.

Notable shopping festivals in the UAE are:

Night markets

Special night markets run during the holy month of Ramadan in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Gold dispensing ATMs

There are three gold dispensing machines in the UAE; one each at Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi and Atlantis hotel and Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.

Duty-free shopping

You can shop duty-free at airports, online and on board. You can sign up for memberships and loyalty programmes to get the best deals and win prizes.

Duty-free shopping at airports

Duty-free shops are located at Abu DhabiDubaiSharjahRas Al Khaimah and Fujairah airports. They offer a wide variety of luxury products ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to accessories including watches and jewellery and cigarettes and alcohol.

Duty-free shopping online

You can shop online at Dubai Duty Free; pre-order the items, pay and collect them at the airport when you travel.

Duty-free shopping in the air

The UAE airlines offer duty-free shopping on board. Find out what the airlines offer.

Loyalty programmes

You can become a member of the duty-free shopping clubs or sign up to receive information about deals and promotions. Members earn loyalty points on purchases, redeemable as per duty-free shops’ terms and conditions. Not just that, purchases make you eligible for mega prizes.

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